Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking service is an affordable and currently actual part of any SEO strategy. It’s a popular and simple way to gain social authority and trust and thus, gain traffic to your website. We submit your blog/website to different social bookmarking sites such as Pligg, getting you relevant links which will ultimately lead to an increase in your Google Rankings. Since backlinks from social bookmarks are highly suitable and qualitative, they are 100% natural and avoid easily the new Google Penguin algorithm.

Our Social Bookmarking service consists of:
Social Bookmarks and High PR Social Bookmarks (bookmarks from top and exceptionally popular social bookmarking sites)

800 Bookmarks ~3 Days $ 49.00

Extras incuded in this service

  • 40000 blog comments link juice for social bookmarks +1 Day
  • 50 PR4-PR8 Social Bookmarks –
  • 20 PR 8-9 High Quality Profiles –
  • 15 EDU Profiles –
  • New unique 200 backlinks from top authority sites up to PR7 +1 Day
  • 1 EDU blog post with unique article +3 Days


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